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Canik guns are Superior to handguns. One of the best in the market. It’s lightweight, compact, and has a lot of power. They soothe well for sports as well as are excellent for home defense.
How do you like your shooting experience, Old or New school? Well, cheers to you as Canik is the best of both worlds having both options Single and double action. If you’re reading this, then make no mistake this gun is your full package.

Every day you must prepare yourself for what ever comes your way.

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Canik Guns are superior handguns from their structure to their function, They’re just great pieces of engineering.
This is a handgun with 2 options for carrying, (double and single action). Single action is when the gun has fired, the hammer stays in the decocked position until the hammer is re-cocked. But when the trigger is pulled again that’s double action. With a semi-automatic pistol using this action, the initial trigger pull will cock and release the hammer (double action).
A full size hand gun with perfect ergonomics fitting for most hand sizes.